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The real India lies in the 7, 00,000 villages. If Indian civilization is to make its full contribution to the building up of a stable world order, it is this vast mass of humanity that has to be made to live again. ----
Mahatma Gandhi  

Helping Hands 4 Poor (HH4P) Organization has been carrying out need based welfare and integrated programs of development for rural poor and needy especially belonging to marginalized and underprivileged sections since July 2012.

We organise the following programs and offer our services to the underprivileged from the villages:



Our Village Development plan is an integration of all our projects which enables us to work effectively with in coordination with local communities from the village their by working for the betterment of the village adopted.

We believe in continually evaluating and assessing our programs to ensure that our programs are providing the best support possible for the people we serve.