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Motivation and Intiation

India has got a population of over 1.27 billion. Number of illiterate’s aged seven years and above is estimated to be about 25 crores. People belonging to high families are only being educated and others are left behind. It is not the case that only people with well background should be enjoying the essence of education, every child need to be educated so that standards of our country and government are increased.

First we surveyed number of government schools in various districts and found some are in ‘in the curtains’ stage. Minimum facilities like drinking water and toilets are a luxury in most schools. Electricity is also a rarity, with the result that computers donated by philanthropic organisations remain mere showpieces. According to a popular survey, Educationists see a direct link between the high dropout rates and absence of toilets in schools. Sounds incredible, but that’s the bitter truth. It is not just students but teachers are also silent sufferers. “For the sake of drinking water or toilet children go home and many fail to turn up,” admit teachers. Though there were many schemes proposed and implemented, the effective way of using the schemes is hardly seen. Taking all these factors into consideration we selected few schools and sorted out. Then we have decided to adopt these schools and we are trying our level best to avoid most of the problems and to fulfil the motto of ‘A school’.